If AI beats the best human players in traditional board games, where humankind has up to thousands of years of history, why would it not beat humans in roster management too?

Go peli työvuorosuunnittelu

With more than 15 years of clinical and research experience, we noticed that the marginal benefit of new medical innovations is decreasing fast. To make a real difference, we would need to change the way the system works.

One of the major pain points is roster management – an ever occurring subject with colleagues. What we realized is that roster management can be thought of as a game, and AI has already beaten humans in one game after another.

Vuorox makes roster management the next ”game”, where AI triumphs. Doing that will disrupt the system while winning the hearts of the employees. While we approach the problem employee first, the results are a win-win for both the employer and the employees.

Plain Complex was built on this idea.

We develop Vuorox towards being the ultimate solution to the notoriously difficult Nurse Rostering Problem. Already now we can provide unprecedented results at an incredible speed. Quality and speed do not need to be exclusive to each other. Likewise, we can provide cost savings together with improved well-being at work at the same time.

Employee satisfaction is our number one goal – and thanks to the powers of AI, perfect rosters are now at your reach.
Vuorox uses AI in a human centric way to provide high quality rosters that will update your life!