Why Vuorox?

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Vuorox is an intelligent roster planning software built on the latest artificial intelligence technology. It solves the planning puzzle and creates perfect rosters.

Vuorox is a reliable, fully unbiased, and automatic roster planner, which relegates the present challenges into the past. It brings significant cost savings while optimizing both employee well-being and shift assignment, and achieves optimal use of available resources.

By choosing Vuorox you will not only ensure your employees’ well-being, but also get beyond state-of-the-art results.

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Automatic process

Vuorox automates the challenging roster planning process

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Benefits of deep learning

Vuorox leverages the benefits of deep learning to deliver unbeatable results in a fraction of the time

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Saves time and costs

Vuorox eliminates the need for manual work and reduces costs while adding value to both employers and employees

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Everything you need

Vuorox never ignores legal nor organizational requirements and always searches for an optimal solution for employees as well

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