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Sasu Liuhanen

Sasu Liuhanen is the father and initiator of Vuorox idea. The system, created with the experience of an anesthesiologist and a computer scientist, is a response to the challenges of healthcare roster planning, whose in-depth understanding stems from personal experience. With the help of Sasu's networks, Vuorox has been developed since the first prototype in close collaboration with future users.

Tuomo Peltola

Tuomo Peltola has a long career in the sale and marketing of medical devices. Tuomo has a degree in both nursing and an MBA, so working in health technology sales and marketing has been quite natural. Hospitals, and healthcare in general, are the area where his expertise is best highlighted. Tuomo is known as a solution-focused and project-oriented help in Finnish hospitals.

Meet our Team

Jonathan Cremieux

Jonathan Cremieux, our lead developer, has been creating software professionally for over 15 years and has entrepreunarial experience. Bringing to the team a deep understanding of software product development, he works at the intersection of technology and business strategy to turn our vision into a high quality product.

Frida Hartman

Frida Hartman is a MSc student in Media Technology and Engineering with a background in AI. She loves helping people and solving real-world issues using technology. Frida is passionate about equality and believes that everyone should have the possibility to live a good and happy life and that AI can be used to achieve that goal.

Julle Oinonen

Julle Oinonen is a customer service professional with extensive work experience. As educations, Julle has practical nursing diploma and IT-bachelor’s degree. Julle's main responsibility is user training, implementation support, overall customer satisfaction, and receiving and processing feedback. He acts as a direct link between the customer and the technical development team.

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