While planning each roster, Vuorox follows the criteria set by the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health’s traffic light model. As a result, employees enjoy better recovery, which improves their well-being and increases job satisfaction.

Vuorox combines successfully the concepts of self rostering with a fully automated planning process.

Vuorox allows employees to take part in the planning process, without the downsides of traditional self-rostering. Vuorox allows you to be present with your loved ones and enjoy your hobbies. Learn more about self-rostering in healthcare.

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The core of Vuorox lies in improving employee’s well-being. Many studies indicate that when employees are given a real opportunity to affect their shifts, their well-being improves.

When work is demanding, it is of paramount importance that employees can fully recover from their shifts.

Vuorox allows you to set your own wishes for forthcoming rosters directly from your own mobile devices. Likewise, published rosters are always only a few clicks away.

Work is an important part of our lives, but shift work can easily disturb work-life balance severely. Since day one, one of our key design goals has been to design a system that uses it’s superhuman capabilities to make work-life balance possible even in shift work.

Always with you

Add your wishes using a computer, tablet or mobile phone


AI finds an optimal solution, which maximizes the possibility of fulfilling each employee’s wishes

Be present

Vuorox works to give you the possibility to spend time with your loved ones and enjoy your hobbies

Deep learning

Roster by roster Vuorox learns more about your personal preferences and improves time after time

Easy to use

Easy and intuitive user interface with excellent usability


Vuorox treats all employees equally and creates rosters of uniform quality. This typically reduces costs.

With its unprecedented capability of simplifying complexity Vuorox enables reducing salary costs without having an effect on roster quality.

Satisfied and well-being employees are a key resource in any organization. By selecting Vuorox, an organization can improve employee well-being while reducing costs at the same time. A true win-win.


Improve your organization’s reputation


High quality rosters make you a more attractive employer


Employees are more satisfied with their shifts

Reduced costs

Minimizing manual work reduces planning costs

Well-being at work

Vuorox optimizes well-being by being able to better fulfill both wishes and general shift ergonomy

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