Artificial intelligence and deep learning-based roster planning offer a new remedy to the worsening nursing shortage


Helsinki-based startup Plain Complex raised 400 000 € on its second investment round to continue developing its new fully automatic roster planning software Vuorox. Deep reinforcement learning solves myriad challenges of roster planning in social and health care shift work. While improving employees' well-being is the first and foremost goal, Vuorox also enables more efficient utilization of diminishing resources.

Photo: Plain Complex Oy founders Sasu Liuhanen (second from right) and Tuomo Peltola (center) and team members photographed in Helsinki / Plain Complex Oy

The worsening nursing shortage has become a recurring theme in public discussion during the past few months. Beneath the surface, several of Finland’s hospitals have drifted into a dead end, from which they are feverishly looking for a way out. As attracting professional nursing staff is increasingly challenging, hospitals must adapt their everyday operations to cope.

Planning shifts truly individually while at the same time cutting the planning time into a tiny fraction is a win-win for everyone

Plain Complex recently launched the Vuorox roster planning software, a new tool to fight the worsening nursing shortage. Up to now, planning employee shift schedules has been a recurring, laborious, and time-consuming task. Vuorox can fully automate it while creating exceptional quality.

– In hospitals, roster planning is typically the responsibility of senior nursing personnel. As a result, the resources used for the planning process are away from nursing work and management, says Sasu Liuhanen, CEO of Plain Complex.

– With the help of artificial intelligence, hospitals can shrink the planning process from days to minutes. At the same time, artificial intelligence considers employees’ wishes and preferences better than traditional planning. As a result, employees get unprecedented control over their shifts, which increases well-being at work and reduces employee turnover. Both the organization and the employees win, Liuhanen continues.

Plain Complex raises 400 000 euros from well-known investors in its second funding round

In its second funding round, Plain Complex got backed up by several well-known investors. Nordic Makers, an investment collective of Nordic serial entrepreneurs whose partners have founded and built companies worth billions (e.g., Just Eat, Sitecore and Zendesk), and Kim Väisänen joined the company as new investors. Existing investors Reima Linnanvirta, Ali Omar, Henry Nilert, and Pekka Ylitalo followed on to a total investment of 400 000 euros.

– Vuorox offers an unprecedented way to find additional hours for healthcare. In addition, it improves employee satisfaction with their shifts and brings savings to the organization. According to Nordic Makers’ experienced investor Moaffak Ahmed, everyone benefits from this solution.

– Artificial intelligence can bring one solution to the ever-worsening shortage of nurses. Optimizing the use of existing resources leaves more time for the more essential things, i.e., managing. For example, senior nurses spend a vast amount of time on roster management. So by freeing it up, it is possible to find one remedy to the shortage, says Kim Väisänen, who invested in the company.


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Plain Complex Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2021 by Sasu Liuhanen (an anesthesiologist and computer scientist) and Tuomo Peltola (a health technology sales and marketing professional). The company’s mission is to give shift workers their lives back. To do so, it develops next-generation roster planning software for demanding shift work in social and healthcare. At the core of its product, Plain Complex uses deep reinforcement learning.

Lue lisää, miksi Vuorox on täydellinen valinta työhyvinvointia parantavaan työvuorosuunnitteluun