Plain Complex is a Finnish startup founded in May 2021 and backed up by nominated angel investors. Our mission is to redefine state-of-the-art healthcare shift rostering. Finland and other western countries face a quickly worsening nursing shortage, and one of the big underlying problems is the inability to combine shift work with personal life. We can change that.

Vuorox is our first product. It is based on reinforcement learning and revolutionizes roster planning by achieving unprecedented quality in minutes. Fully automatically. No competitor comes even close.


With more than 15 years of medical and research experience, we know the field inside out and noticed that the marginal benefit of new medical innovations is decreasing fast. So we need to change how the system works to make a real difference. 

One of the major pain points is roster management – an ever-occurring subject with colleagues. Subsequently, we realized that we could think of roster management as a game, and AI has already beaten humans in one game after another.  

Vuorox makes roster management the next ”game”, where AI triumphs. Doing that will disrupt the system while winning the hearts of the employees. And even if we approach the problem employees first, the results are a win-win for both employers and employees.


First and foremost, we are looking for a new team member to strengthen our team. You will be one of our first new members, so your work will directly impact our product and future infrastructure. While we expect you to be an expert in full-stack development and software architecture, we don’t expect you to have experience with AI, although that would naturally be a big bonus. 

We thought a bit about what would make you a great match and came up with the following. You:

  • Feel comfortable gradually taking the overall responsibility on our web and mobile development, backend, and infrastructure. 
  • Want to write code, too, and excel in doing that.
  • Love ownership and feel responsible for what you do. 
  • Want to join an early-stage company with all the excitement and opportunities that come with it.

Since we’re still a small team (currently, there are five of us), everyone needs to do a bit of everything. This is truly a team effort; we build together and win together.

Our current software stack includes Vue, Flutter, Node, and PostgreSQL. Further behind the scenes, we use Rust, Python, TensorFlow, and C on the AI side of things. However, we are committed to using the best tool for the job, so we are not religiously tied to any technology. 

Everything we have runs on top of Linux. While English is our company’s language, any other language spoken or understood by you is an asset to you and it would be for us too! Want to work mostly remotely? No problem. We believe getting the work done is more important than where it’s done.


  • You are a talented developer, but you know your limits, too. You are always aspiring to learn more. On top of the developer skills, you’ve built an experienced eye for seeing the bigger picture. For you, details are always part of something bigger.
  • You have worked in a similar position before; this is usually translated into years of experience, but we are happy to ignore that if you have the fundamental skill set, passion, and a burning desire to learn more and share your knowledge with the rest of the team.
  • You work well in a low-hierarchy organization, where best ideas are more important than titles. 


Then send us a message! Let us know what drives you and why you feel like we describe you! 

Send an email to [email protected]. Or, if you prefer calling or messaging on the phone, +358 40 5166467 / Sasu. 

Contact us and we will tell more. Or leave your open application for us!